Meeting Minutes

The October 22, 2019 meeting was held at the King’s Fork Community House, hosted by Lisa Fore-Arcand and Carla Jones, and enjoyed by 14 members and guests.

WELCOME: President Nancy Warren thanked Lisa, Carla and Kathy Kelly for refreshments and set-up. She also welcomed guests Karla Kelly invited by Carla Jones, Teresa Collette invited by Monette Harrell, and returning guest Kathy Kelly invited by Lisa.

PROGRAM: Nancy introduced guest speaker Susan Burk, Co-Vice President for Public Policy, AAUW of Virginia. Susan reviewed the 2018-2020 AAUW of Virginia Public Policy Priorities including closing the gender pay gap; freedom from violence including sexual harassment and human trafficking; support of programs for women and girls in STEM fields; ERA; and bringing attention to the issues at the upcoming lobby days of January 15 and February 12, 2020 as well as reaching out to local elected officials.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Faye Taylor read the September minutes. Monette moved to accept the minutes as read. After a second by Kay Hurley the motion passed.

• In the absence of Treasurer Linda Culliton Nancy reported an October 1, 2019 checkbook balance of $7,904.20.
• Nancy discussed the proposed 2019-2020 budget.
o Estimated Revenue: $3,256.00
o Estimated Disbursements: $3,250.00
o Estimated Operating Expenses: $900.00
• The Everett Scholarship has been exhausted; the Alwood and Barboo Scholarships continue.
• Desiree Urquhart moved that the proposed operating expenses come from the checkbook balance. After a second by Kay the motion passed.
• Kay moved to accept the budget. After a second by Lisa the motion passed.

• Nancy will email a copy of the invitation so that members would have that information. Past members were mailed invitations. A suggestion was made to also invite Mayor Johnson and other elected officials.
• Chairpersons Monette and Kay noted that the upcoming 60th Anniversary celebration was also to honor charter members Fran Alwood and Lena Small. It will be held November 9th from 4 to 6 pm at Lake Prince.
• Since there is no kitchen all should bring finger foods ready to serve by 3:30 pm. Please let Monette know by November 1 what you will be bringing.
• Desiree has a punch bowl and cups and Lisa has plates if they are needed.
• Desiree volunteered to interview Fran and/or Lena and prepare articles for newspapers.
• A suggestion was made to display memorabilia.
• The reception will take the place of the November meeting.

NEXT MEETING: December 17 at 6:00 pm.
Hostesses: Nancy and Faye
Location: 3689 Labrador Lane, Suffolk

Recorded by Faye Taylor